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A few weeks back, my peers of BCM241 and I interviewed a family member of friend of a different generational background to find out their memories of television. It was an interesting task reading how each student did this task in their own unique way.


  • Technological advancements over time
  • Pricing of TVs over time
  • Placement of TVs in the living room
  • Reflecting of favourite TV programs


  • Personalised
    It was evident the interview approach allowed each student to personalise their interviewee’s story, and gave the blogs which are often very theoretically based a chance to be more creative in this space.
  • Ability to interpret differently
    While the content of many blogs were similar, bloggers were able to interpret this differently and shape the data (interview responses) in their own way.


  • Credibility
    Many bloggers found that their interviewees had remembered something, that did not actually happen.
  • Perspectives
    As I found with my interview, my Mother’s perspective may have been different to an other person’s interviewee. It is important to note that this may be influenced by multiple biases.
  • Personalised
    One weakness with the personalisation of an interview is if not done well, the recount can exclude the audience, due to the difficulty to relate with someone we do not know.

I would recommend you check out some of the fabulous pieces of my peers here.


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